7 secrets by A.J.Hoge

  • Secret 1: Discover the power of Phrase

    You should always learn English Phrase, not individual word.

  • Secret 2:Never Study Grammar Rules

    In traditional class, you always learn English with textbooks, grammar books. You analyze grammar structure, you learn grammar rules. And it’s the wrong way to learn English speaking. Grammar rules prevent you from speaking English easily and fluently, it hurt your speaking ability.

  • Secret 3: Learn With Your Ears, Not Your Eyes

    One of the most important key for excellent English speaking is LISTENING. Yes, listening to easy English is the key to improve your English speaking.

  • Secret 4: Deep English Learning With Repetition

    You’re listening to funny, crazy, interesting stuff so it’s easy to repeat it seven days or 14 days or 20 days. It’s not a problem. You can go out and find other interesting audios and do the same thing. So, here it is. Secret number four, rule number four very important, learn deeply. Repetition is the mother of skill. Learn deeply.

  • Secret 5: Use Point of View Stories

    How to learn grammar automatically using Point Of View Stories. Now, on the other hand, grammar itself is important. Of course we need grammar. Of course we need to use grammar correctly when we speak, but you don’t learn it from studying grammar rules or memorizing a bunch of rules in a textbook. Instead, rule number five is this. Use point-of-view stories.

    What you need to do is you get one basic story told from a certain point of view. What that means really is it’s told about a certain time, for example, let’s say the past. So, we would tell a story about something that happened in the past.Next, you would listen to that same exact story, but now it would be told from the present point of view.

    You will learn it through point-of-view stories. And, of course, we could tell the same story again from a future point of view. We could imagine…

  • Secret 6: Only use real English materials

    Use real materials in order to improve much, much, much faster to understand real speech so that when you go to a country or you talk to someone from an English-speaking country you will actually understand them. You’ll understand the real English they use in conversations, not some textbook that nobody uses.

    I think another big reason to use real materials is you’ll enjoy it more. It’s just more fun. It’s more interesting. Instead of learning a bunch of boring junk in a textbook that’s just useless and not real, you get to learn real interesting ideas or you get to be entertained. You get to have interesting emotions. It’s real stuff. It’s the kind of things you might enjoy in your own language, so important, so powerful. So, rule number six is this.Use only authentic, real English materials.

  • Secret 7: Use Listen-And-Answer Stories to speak English AUTOMATICALLY

    The fact is, even though you know a lot about grammar and vocabulary, you still can not easily and automatically. The reason is because you always translate from your language to English every time you speak English. If you can not think in English, you can not speak English quickly, easily and automatically.There’s a few ways you can do this. You can create and design your own learning plan, independent learning plan. You can go out and find all your own materials. You can do all of that. It’s possible. People do it.

    Video.Watch all 7 rules by A.J.Hoge