Use it, I built it for you.

We are eager to learn English for finding better job and providing our access to the world arena. Therefore we go to the English language courses and let it be admitted that, we mostly do not get the desired result. Because we need to have a live English environment to put our English knowledge into practice, and this is almost nonexistent. In this regard, new English website has been created for people who have difficulty to find partner to talk in English. The author and creator of the website is programmer Tural Asgarov.
Tural says that, any people can virtually communicate in English by the website created by him (in English means gossip). Use of the website is very comfortable. You can only sign up with your Skype address and increase your speaking level.
According to Tural Asgarov, many people already use this website and "gossip" in English. It also extends the range of communication in English and helps you to communicate virtually with the people from all over the world. To improve your English, you can "gossip" with your virtual partner by using